Witsand – Phase 1

Greening Interventions, Soil Stabilisation and Planting Project for the iEEECO™ Witsands Atlantis RDP Housing Project.

The severe windy conditions on the Cape Flats will continue to be a problem in future developments so this project will be driven to set a precedent to push for a reform to change the framework of RDP and Gap housing policies. It is our opinion that the initial infrastructure funding should address the land from an environmental point of view and that each site should be individually assessed for its sustainability.

Each Assessment should include a long term soil stabilisation strategy and a solution to eradicate the problematic exposed foundations that have occurred around the homes during and after construction. This will also assist in flood control due to the lack of storm water capacity on the site.

Greening & environmental aspects of dwellings have typically been neglected in the race to deliver houses, to the detriment of health, safety and prospective improvement to lifestyle and financial outlook for beneficiaries.

Additional interventions at Witsands will include;

•the greening of the Community Park,

•Veggie-tunnels for Food Security, and

•addressing job creation through cooperative mechanisms.

An important part of these interventions is the introduction of “the Smart Living” principles and programmes which are being rolled out in a participative way where the community can learn valuable lessons pertaining to energy, water and waste management.