Witsand – Phase 2

In 2012, Green Communities was awarded with a tender by the Western Cape Government Environmental Affairs and Development Planning to implement green initiatives in Witsand’s Phase 2 area.

The main purpose of the intervention was to alleviate wind erosion through soil stabilisation by means of greening.

By planting indigenous plants from the area, Green Communities restored the natural biodiversity and stabilised the sandy soil to avoid further erosion in the area.

Green Communities hosted workshops with the community on how to plant and grow their own food in the most self-sufficient way, amongst other educational topics like sustainability. All the tools, plants and know-how is supplied in a user friendly manner, giving each person a chance to eat fresh vegetables from his/her own garden.

Through generous donations and collaboration form organisations like New Horizen nursery (donation of plants), Reliance Compost (donation of compost and mulch), GreenPop (donation and planting of trees), Soil for Life (planting vegetables), CapeNature (Green Team uniform) and Michell’s nursery (donation of plants and vegetables), Green Communities were able to complete 200 sites with trees and plants.

Volunteers from the community and public, including about 80 first year students from UCT, have contributed massively to the implementation and landscaping that have transformed the streets of Witsand.

Green Communities also established a Green Team, consisting of +/- 20 community volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to help “grow” and develop their community. These are passionate people who are up-skilled and helped supervise and control the process during implementation and without whom this project would not have succeeded.